Volga Manor

Visit Russia without ever leaving Harbin! Located in the suburbs of Harbin, the 600,000 square meter grounds of Volga Manor are home to more than 30 Russian style buildings and natural scenery that is beautiful in any season. One of the most beautiful buildings in the park is the St. Nicholas Cathedral, a wooden Russian Orthodox Church. It is a recreation of the original St. Nicholas Cathedral which, built in Harbin in 1899, used to stand in front of the Harbin Railway Station, making it a symbol of the city for many decades before it was destroyed in the 1960s.

You can easily spend hours exploring the buildings and wandering through the peaceful paths and bridges that meander through trees and rivers. Everyday there are also elaborate Russian dancing performances. If you get hungry, take a break with a traditional meal at the Russian restaurant at Volga Manor. In the warmer months, rent a bicycle to explore the manor, and in the winter enjoy skiing and other winter activities.

Interested in visiting Volga Manor? Join us for our Volga Manor Tour! No need to worry about taking the bus or finding a taxi to take you to the manor, which is located outside of the city. We’ll arrange transportation and your entrance tickets, letting you relax and enjoy your experience.


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