Unit 731 Museum

The Unit 731 Museum stands on the site of Unit 731, a secret biological and chemical warfare testing center run by the Japanese army during World War II. Prisoners of 731, mostly Chinese, were subjected to horrific testing, including forced exposure to extreme cold and infectious diseases such as the plague. During its less than ten years of operation, thousands of prisoners died at the hands of the researchers in Unit 731. Today, the museum stands as a memorial to the human suffering and death that took place at the unit.

Completely remodeled in 2015, the museum now houses a brand-new exhibition hall, detailing the history of Unit 731 from its inception to its close. The museum contains maps, photographs and detailed records of the human and animal experiments that took place at the unit, as well as medical and testing equipment discovered on the property. The striking exhibits also contain first person accounts from prisoners as well as Japanese guards and doctors who worked at the unit.

After viewing the indoor exhibits, you can explore the grounds of Unit 731. Some of the original buildings still stand, giving visitors a glimpse into the original structure of Unit 731.

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