Multi-Day Itineraries

Staying in Harbin for a few days? Here’s what we recommend if you have a few days to explore the city! Combine two or more tours in one day and save 100 RMB per person per day! Spend two or more days with us and we’ll provide pick-up and drop-off from your hotel everyday for free!

2 Days:

Day One: Spend the first day exploring central Harbin and learning about Harbin’s unique history on our Central Harbin Full Day Tour. In the evening, visit Harbin’s special Ice and Snow Festival to view massive sculptures and buildings carved entirely out of ice and snow.

Saint Sophia

Learn about Harbin’s history at Saint Sophia Church


  • Visit the Harbin Exhibition Planning Hall
  • Enjoy a meal of traditional Russian food
  • Explore Harbin’s history at the Saint Sophia Church
  • Taste traditional snacks at a local food market
  • Stroll down Central Street, Harbin’s cobblestone pedestrian street, while admiring the Russian-influenced architecture
  • Have a dinner of Northeast China’s traditional Chun Bing, a crepe-like pancake filled with your choice of traditional Chinese dishes
  • Admire the amazing ice and snow sculptures at Harbin’s unique Ice and Snow festival

Day Two: In the morning, join us for our Museum and Markets tour to learn about Northeast China’s history and shop for unique souvenirs and specialty foods at some of Harbin’s best markets. In the afternoon, explore Old Harbin to admire some of Harbin’s best preserved traditional architecture, visit an Arabian-style mosque, and eat a traditional Muslim meal.

Old Harbin

Explore the historic streets of Old Harbin


  • Learn about Northeast China’s history and about local plants and animals at the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum
  • Browse the stalls and sample local foods at a food market
  • Visit the Churin Foods Company’s flagship store to browse and shop for specialty Harbin sausage, bread, pastries, cakes, fruit wines and jams
  • Explore the many stalls in a Russian import market frequented by locals. Chocolate, caviar, vodka, Russian dolls and more, all much cheaper than the tourist shops on Central Street
  • Have lunch at an upscale food court where you can sample high quality foods from across China
  • Admire Old Harbin’s historic architecture
  • Shop in Harbin’s largest antiques and art market
  • Explore the beautiful Daowai Mosque
  • Enjoy delicious Muslim food at one of Harbin’s historic restaurants

Three or Four Days:


Enjoy beautiful views and stylish rental ski gear at Yabuli

Follow the above itinerary, then:

a) Spend a day enjoying world-class skiing at Yabuli, China’s largest and best ski resort


  • World-class skiing just a short train ride from Harbin
  • Hassle-free: We’ll organize your train tickets, lift tickets and equipment rentals


b) Visit the Siberian Tiger Park in the morning, and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation on our Tea Culture and Massage Tour.


Lindian Hot Springs

Lindian Hot Springs Resort

  • See the rare Siberian Tiger up-close
  • Learn about the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and sample teas from across China
  • Enjoy an hour-long Chinese massage
  • Have dinner of local specialties at a Northeast Chinese restaurant


c) Spend two days relaxing at Northeast China’s best Hot Springs Resort.


  • Visit the Daqing Lingdian Hot Springs Resort, located a short 3 hour bus ride from Harbin
  • Soak in water with an average annual temperature between 39.5 and 41.5 degrees Celsius, or 103 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heal your body with water enriched with minerals such as strontium, bromine, iodine, carbonic acid, sodium chloride and more

If you want to join us for any of the above two, three or four day itineraries, just contact us at and let us know when you want to go and how many people are in your group. We’ll respond within 24 hours and help you organize your trip!