Hot Springs Tour

Lindian Hot SpringsLocated a three hour bus ride away from Harbin, Daqing Lingdian Hot Springs is the best hot springs resort in Northeast China. The clear water, which comes from 1,792 meters underground has an average annual temperature between 39.5 and 41.5 degrees Celsius, or 103 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The water contains contains strontium, bromine, iodine, carbonic acid, sodium chloride and other minerals. The resort features both indoor and outdoor hot springs featuring specialized pools to help treat ailments. In addition to the hot springs, the resort also features hotel rooms, a restaurant, gaming rooms and performances.

Visit the hot springs in winter for a unique Northeast China experience. The intense outdoor cold coupled with the heat of the hot springs make for a refreshing experience unlike any other hot springs. The resort is open year round, and is easily accessible from Harbin.

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