About Us

Who are we?

We are two young people–Hannah, an American expat, and Laurel, a Harbin native– living in China’s beautiful Northeast city of Harbin. Famous for its ice festival, skiing, music scene, beer, local cuisine, beautiful Russian architecture, and much more, Harbin is a must-see for anyone visiting China.

We started Explore Harbin because we know that it can be hard to get off the beaten tourist track in China, especially if you don’t speak Chinese, and we understand the importance of going beyond the typical famous sights and exploring the places locals love–great street food and local restaurants, lively markets and shopping, and interesting sites not in guidebooks.

We love to explore new places, taste new foods, and meet friends from all over the world. We have years of travel experience in China and internationally, so we understand what travelers like you are looking for, and have designed tours that are fun, unique and personal.


Our Tours

  • Friendly tours–small groups, no loudspeakers, no matching outfits
  • Two guides–an American expat and a Harbin native. Local knowledge without a language barrier
  • We don’t get commission from any of the places we go, so we only take you to places we personally think are the best in Harbin
  • Experience Harbin like a local! In addition to the famous sights, we’ll take you to see Harbin locals’ favorite spots to eat, shop and play
  • Many tours to choose from, from half-day walking tours to multi-day custom itineraries